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A 30-Day Soul Bliss Journey to Be Empowered by Your Inner Female Wisdom

Join us for this epic inner heroine journey to celebrate your wisdom. Each week we dive deep into exploring one of the feminine archetypes (Maiden, Mother, Wild Wise Woman, Crone) and experiencing HER sacred energy in our daily life through the practice of Soul Writing, meditation, chanting, and intuitive exercises.
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The Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Wise Woman, and the Crone all speak to a different aspect of our feminine wisdom.

How Does the 30-Day Journey Flow?

At the beginning of each week, we meet with the group in our live Zoom Saturday session to connect with our unique feminine wisdom guide through Soul Writing and meditation. Throughout the week, we learn about the myths and stories of each feminine archetype in our pre-recorded storytelling videos. We will also gather online for a daily meditation and engage in our soul work to integrate the feminine wisdom into our daily life.
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  • Dates: TBA

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  • Can't join our LIVE sessions? No problem! All our live meditations will be recorded and you can always watch the replay at your own time.

Your 30-Day Journey Includes

  • 5 x LIVE 2-Hour Workshops

    Five Saturday LIVE Zoom 2-hour workshops to dive deep with each feminine archetype with Soul Writing, meditation, chanting, and intuitive exercises

  • 20 x LIVE 20-mins Guided Meditation

    Monday to Friday daily 20 mins guided meditation or intuitive practice LIVE in our private Facebook group

  • 4 x Storytelling Videos

    Weekly pre-recorded course content to keep you connected to the transformative energy of the female archetypes

  • Weekly Soul Work

    Weekly Soul Work to integrate each of the feminine archetype energy into your daily life

  • Community Support

    Private facebook group community with like-minded women to share, connect and support each other

  • 3 Month Access to Course Content

    All LIVE workshops and meditations will be recorded and shared and you can rewatch them at your own time. You will have three month access to the course content and Zoom LIVES so you can catch up later.

By the End of this 30-Day Journey, You Will

  • Feel empowered and deeply connected with your unique inner feminine wisdom

  • Make decisions that are aligned with your soul, heart and mind

  • Get your creativity and imagination flowing using Soul Writing

  • Embrace your power as a relaxed, centered woman

  • Use various wellness tools to integrate into your daily spiritual practice, such as soul sanctuary, labyrinth walk, fire ceremony release, build your sacred altar

Course Flow

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Welcome to our Soul Bliss Journey

    • Join our Private Facebook Group Community

    • Introduce Yourself in our Facebook Group

    • Soul Bliss Newsletter Wellness Gifts

    • Claim Your Bonus Gifts

  • 2

    Week 1: Beauty of the Maiden

    • Storytelling of the Maiden: Part 1

    • Storytelling of the Maiden: Part 2

    • Facebook LIVE Daily 20-min Meditation Practice from Monday to Friday

    • Soul Work of the Week

    • Sunday Meditation Resources

  • 3

    Week 2: Love of the Mother

    • Storytelling of the Mother: Part 1

    • Storytelling of the Mother: Part 2

    • Facebook LIVE Daily 20-min Meditation Practice from Monday to Friday

    • Soul Work of the Week

    • Sunday Meditation Resources

  • 4

    Week 3: Intuition of the Wild Wise Woman

    • Storytelling of the Wild Wise Woman: Part 1

    • Storytelling of the Wild Wise Woman: Part 2

    • Facebook LIVE Daily 20-min Meditation Practice from Monday to Friday

    • Soul Work of the Week

    • Sunday Meditation Resources

  • 5

    Week 4: Strength of the Crone

    • Storytelling of the Crone: Part 1

    • Storytelling of the Crone: Part 2

    • Facebook LIVE Daily 20-min Meditation Practice from Monday to Friday

    • Soul Work of the Week

    • Sunday Meditation Resources

  • 6

    Integration: Sparkle & Shine of Soul Bliss

    • Zoom Recording of LIVE Integration Workshop on Oct 31, 2020

    • Feedback Survey

  • 7

    Bonus Lesson for Week 1: Making Vision Mandala with Tania

    • Part 1 - Introduction

    • Part 2 - Sample Mandala

    • Part 3 - Meditation to Begin

    • Part 4 - The Process

    • Part 5 - Meditation to Connect with Your Vision Mandala

    • Part 6 - Affirmation for Your Vision Mandala

Soul Bliss Retreat Facilitators

Soul Writing Founder, Soul Doctor

Sarah Walton

Dr Sarah Walton is an author, writing mentor and soul doctor. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Hull in the UK, where she teaches MA students and has 30 years training and practice in various meditation techniques. Sarah developed Soul Writing, an approach to writing from the intuition, that combines meditation, free-writing techniques, stream of consciousness and traditional creative writing skills for beginners, singer songwriters, as well as professional writers of all kinds. It overcome writers’ block as well as life blocks and is a powerful method of self-enquiry. Sarah believes that everyone has a story within them, a story their soul yearns to tell. She sees her job as facilitating writers to access their soul story and write the story that wants to be written. You will use the Soul Writing method to connect your intuition, express your soul’s unique voice and meet your personal female archetype who will guide you on a Soul Journey deep into the wisdom of your inner world.

Intuitive Soul Guide

Tania Ho

A Hong Kong native, Tania serves as an intuitive soul guide to help people get in touch with their soul. She employs different vibrational healing tools including Bach Flower Remedies, Labyrinth walks, Shamanic journeying, oracle card reading, and energy healing to help people get clarity on their soul's guidance. Tania is also the founder and owner of Museflower Retreat & Spa, Thailand, where she is actively involved in all aspects of running the property.

Bonus Soul Bliss Gifts

Additional Support for Your Soul Bliss Journey and Inner Transformation

  • Free 1-Card Soul Card Reading by Email

    Do you want to know what message the Universe is showing you right now? Based on your question, Tania will pick one card for you, take a photo of the card, and share one paragraph of her insight via email to you. Offer is valid in October 2021 only.

  • Free Personalised Soul Journey Audio

    Take a Soul Journey & Ask a question of your Inner Wisdom. Sarah will record a guided Soul Journey personalised for you based on your question and email you a link to a private area on YouTube. Travel on your inner Soul Journey. Offer valid in October 2021 only.

  • Free Access to Our Soul Bliss Retreat Newsletter Wellness Gifts

    Enjoy our six Soul Bliss Retreat Newsletter free wellness gifts, including free meditations, Soul Writing exercise and Shamanic Journey.

  • $55 Off on 80-minute Soul Card Reading Session with Tania

    Enjoy a 50% discount on a 80-minute online Soul Card Reading session with Tania from October till December 2021. If you are at a point of your life where you are going through a transition, a cross-road, a period of uncertainty, or just want to have clarity on where you are heading in your life, then this is for you. Card reading is a great tool to help you reconfirm your gut feelings, find clarity and guidance for the next step in your life.

  • $50 Off on 60-minute Soul Writing Session with Sarah

    Enjoy a 50% discount on a 60-minute online Soul Writing session with Sarah from October till December 2021. Sarah will guide you on a soul journey to ask a question of one of your feminine Soul Guides you have met during the 30-Day Programme. Soul Writing is a powerful method of self-enquiry & teaches you to use your Intuition to open your soul's wisdom.

  • 10% Off on other Soul Bliss Retreat Offerings

    Enjoy a special 10% discount on our future Soul Bliss Retreat offerings, such as Museflower Soul Bliss Writing Retreat in Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for? Can anyone join?

    Our Harness Your Feminine Power Soul Bliss Journey is designed for any self-identifying women of all ages who want to explore deeper and connect with their inner feminine wisdom.

  • Do I need to attend all the LIVE sessions?

    All the LIVE sessions, including our Zoom workshops and meditations will be recorded and you can rewatch the content at your own convenient time and pace afterwards. All course content will be available for 3 months until end of December 2021. We do encourage all participants to join at the group's pace if possible so you can share your experience with each feminine wisdom guide at the same time.

  • What is Soul Writing?

    Soul Writing starts from the self. If we have language, we can all write story. Soul Writers learn how to access the imagination using meditation techniques that open the intuition and allow the writer to enter into the stillness required for story to flow. Anyone can do Soul Writing.

  • What is the minimum number of participants? What if the minimum is not reached?

    The minimum number of participants for this course is 6 people. If the minimum number is not reached, the course will be postponed. All the payment made will be 100% refunded. A minimum number is required for us to immerse in a community environment and to support each other's sharing and transformation.

  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    Once you have signed up and paid for this course, it is non-refundable and non-cancellable. However, if the course is cancelled by the facilitators for any reason, such as the minimum number of participants are not met, we will refund 100% of the payment to you.

  • What if I have more questions?

    For any other assistance, please send an email to Tania and Sarah at

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